Community Resilience Workshop

1:30 PM - Community Resilience: The Role of Data and Tools
Moderators: Ana Pinheiro Privette & Michael McCormick
Goal: Overview of different ways in which  data and tools are being used to address climate resilience issues
  • 1:30 PM (10 minutes) Introduction  - Ana Pinheiro Privette, NASA’s CDI Program
  • 1:40 PM (15 minutes) “Overcoming barriers to innovating with public scientific data” -- John Keck, Independent Consultant (previously at NOAA NCEI)
  • 1:55 PM (15 minutes) “A Risk, Cost, and Benefits Approach to Making the Case for Resiliency Action” - Demetra McBride, Santa Clara County Office of Sustainability and Climate
  • 2:10 PM (15 minutes) “Integrating Climate Data for Decision-Making in the Private Sector” – Nic Steinberg, Four Twenty Seven
  • 2:25 PM (15 minutes REMOTE) “Local Climate Data Needs: Very Preliminary Findings” - Abigail Walton, Antioch University
  • 2:40 PM (15 minutes REMOTE) NOAA resilience related effectors - Michael McCormick, State Governor’s Office
  • 2:55 PM (5 minutes) Wrap-up


3:00 - BREAK - 15 minutes
3:15 PM - Building a roadmap for linking data communities and resilience science
Moderators: Arika Virapongse & Curt Tilmes
Goal: A white paper articulating the roadmap for strategic planning of collaboration between data and resilience communities
  • 3:15 PM (15 minutes) Summary of Lunch Exercise; Introductions and goals for session - Arika Virapongse, University of Idaho
  • 3:30 PM (1 hour & 30 minutes) - Breakout Sessions.
Facilitators: Arika Virapongse and Curt Tilmes
  • Breakout sessions (30 minutes): Topics to be determined from result of the lunch exercise; participants will self-organize into groups according to their topic of interest. Templates will be used so that rapporteurs can capture information from each group to be digested further after the workshop.
  • Share results to larger group (20 minutes)
  • Building the roadmap as a group (40 minutes). Depending on the number of people, do a visual participatory activity - posting on a sticky tarp? Have a clear structure for what the roadmap will look like so we collect information for each section. Use analog from other sector/project...
Community Resilience Workshop; Summer Meeting 2015. ESIP Commons , July 2015