Building a Linked Data Cloud for the Geosciences - Part 2 of 2


   This session provides a hands-on complement to our initial discussions surrounding Linked Data in the geosciences. Here we look at actually modeling and publishing a Linked Data set. The tools, technologies, and methodologies of Linked Data will be explored in detail. As a driving example we will utilize data from ESIP and the American Geophysical Union (AGU). We will explore how meetings, people, organizations, and presentations can be modeled and populated using Linked Data techniques. The types of questions that can be answered through the interlinking of these data will also be explored. In doing so, we will explore data quality and its impact on results. Potential connections to other datasets and how ESIP would catalogue and promote such data will also be investigated. The AGU and ESIP datasets will provide a running example during this session; yet, participants are invited to bring their own datasets and potential interlinks to the session as well.

Narock, T.; Hitzler, P.; Building a Linked Data Cloud for the Geosciences - Part 2 of 2;ESIP Commons , October 2015