Information Quality Cluster – Use Case Development Working Session


The Information Quality Cluster’s objective is to bring together people from various disciplines to assess aspects of quality of Earth science data. During July through December 2015, the IQC has discussed an approach for developing and collecting use cases. Use cases provide a framework to identify specific needs of users regarding expressing information on data quality, and have proven useful in developing recommendations to meet those needs in the NASA Earth Science Data System environment. The IQC is planning to broaden consideration of use cases to include uses of data provided by other ESIP Federation members as well.


In this working session, we plan to develop several use cases. We will divide the group of participants into smaller subgroups associated with specific thematic areas of data quality which will be determined according to the disciplines and expertise of each participant. Each subgroup will focus on a specific type of use case and identify potential issues regarding capturing, describing, discovering and using the information on data quality. These issues will be documented and, if time permits, potential solutions will be discussed. This session seeks participants with Earth Science and Data Informatics disciplines with the following areas of expertise: data production, data calibration/validation, data quality checking/assurance, data quality metadata standards, metadata collection/harvesting, data/metadata distribution, data interoperability, data quality guidance documentation, and documentation of data quality issues.



This is the third of three sessions being proposed by the Information Quality Cluster. Ideally, it would be good to have three sessions; however, if scheduling becomes difficult, we could consider condensing them into two sessions.

Information Quality Cluster – Use Case Development Working Session;ESIP Commons , October 2015