Making ESIP Collaborations (even more) Fun


We've all been on that telecon, the one punctuated by dead air. What if we could make telecons and cluster sessions and committee meetings the thing you look forward to the most in your work day? How many more people would participate actively and vocally?  How much more progress would be achieved?

Unfortunately, we don't have he answers to that, but you can help us find those answers.  Please join us at the Winter ESIP to brainstorm putting the "fun" in "functional".  Or something like that.

Making ESIP Collaborations (even more) Fun; Winter Meeting 2016. ESIP Commons , October 2015


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Due to scheduling conflicts, this will be a roundtable discussion somewhere/sometime (breakfast, lunch or break, TBD). Don't want to miss the Fun? Add a comment to this posting saying you want to be included in the discussion. Warning: there WILL be flash cards involved.