HS3 Information System

The Global Hydrology Resource Center (GHRC) is developing an enterprise information system to manage and better serve data for Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3), a NASA airborne field campaign.  HS3 is a multiyear campaign aimed at helping scientists understand the physical processes that contribute to hurricane intensification.  For in-depth analysis, HS3 encompasses not only airborne data but also variety of in-situ, satellite, simulation, and flight report data.  Thus, HS3 provides a unique challenge in information system design.  
This poster focuses on many supplementary information and reports collected during the mission.  These information rich contents provide mission snapshots.  In particular, flight information, instrument status, weather reports, and summary statistics offer vital knowledge about the corresponding science data.  Furthermore, such information help narrow the science data of interest.  Therefore, the GHRC team is building HS3 information system that augments the current GHRC data management framework to support search and discover of airborne science data with interactive visual exploration.