Minerva & NASA Earth Exchange, Big Data Analytics for Earth Sciences


NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) is a platform for scientific collaboration, knowledge sharing and research for the Earth science community that brings together researchers, software tools, and hundreds of terabytes of NASA satellite and climate data . NEX’s goal is to enable and enhance efficient usage of NASA’s Earth science data.  Minerva is an open source web application based on the Resonant stack developed principally at Kitware Inc. Minerva is designed to provide integrated cloud based data management, processing and geospatial visualization. As an application, Minerva is deployed to an ‘always on’ cloud server that provides user authentication and persistent session based access to geospatial analytic and visualization tools including job submission and monitoring to traditional HPC resources as well as on-demand provisioned cloud computing resources.

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Name: Chris Kotfila
Organization(s): Kitware Inc.
Email: [email protected]

Name: Petr Votava
Organization(s): NASA Ames / CSUMB

Name: Andrew Michaelis
Organization(s): NASA
Email: [email protected]

Name: Rama Nemani
Organization(s): NASA