The Spatiotemporal Hybrid Cloud Platform


The spatiotemporal hybrid cloud platform is hosted in George Mason University and powered by Dynamic Computing Cloud (DC2®), a hybrid cloud platform management software, and is capable to deliver IT operators better control over the entire infrastructure (the combination of private and public cloud) through a single enter point. 
Without caring about the heterogeneity in structure and operations among different cloud platforms, IT operator can customize applications based on the resource pool efficiently.
Dynamic Computing Cloud (DC2) is a unique software to interoperably manage, simplify, optimize and secure hybrid clouds: Amazon AWS, Eucalyptus Cloud and Openstack Cloud. DC2 uses different roles to control and grant user permissions; projects are also used to manage a group of users. With DC2, cloud consumers can:
1. Associate AWS accounts to projects and track the billing details, manipulate AWS compute, image, stack, VPC, S3 and other resources
2. Fully operate Eucalyptus and burst into Amazon AWS
3. Use Openstack with rich and scalable solutions

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