Search Relevancy 101 and hackathon


Search relevancy has become an increasingly important area of the discovery problem. As we have optimized various other aspects of earth data discovery the problem of relevancy becomes increasingly important and remains a key barrier between a research scientist and the data they need.

In this session we will give an introductory talk on the relevancy concept - Relevancy 101 - followed by an interactive section where we invite the audience to rank datasets based on search criteria used. This will both reinforce the relevancy concept in the audience and provide valuable data to the implementers of relevancy algorithms in various discovery systems (CMR for example).


Annie Burgess suggested at the last ESIP Discovery Telecon (030816) that this session might be a good candidate for a plenary-style session since we would need a large section of the audience to get useful results. Also it has a nice interactive aspect to it.

Newman, D.; Lynnes, C.; Search Relevancy 101 and hackathon; 2016 ESIP Summer Meeting. ESIP Commons , March 2016


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Hi Team, This is interesting to me, can I help to organize it? Cheers, Chris