Deep Data Working Session: Interoperable Access to Data at the Parameter Level


In this session, application developers and data catalog providers will work together towards developing interoperability for data at the parameter/measurement/variable level. We will look at existing frameworks in an attempt to reuse or rework existing schemes in order to support multiple applications

Some of the schemes in the community to be considered are:

The key questions to be addressed are:

  1. Is it possible to support Measurement-Variable-Parameter information for all the key applications in a single framework?
  2. Alternatively, should we try to link or map amongst several frameworks?
  3. In either case, what process should be used to maintain the framework contents or mappings between them?

1.    ***some audio issues during first 20 minutes***

2.    Simon Catrell, - “Unified Metadata Model – Variables”
    a.    UML Data Model
        i.    CMR
        ii.    Measurement definition: name, value, unit
        iii.    UMM search is supported
    b.    Q1: link to persistent record of data description
    c.    Use Cases
        i.    Constrain to lists of possible measurements
        ii.    List of collections, ranked by relevance to search word.
        iii.    Supports cross-site subsetting
        iv.    Fetch data subsets

3.    Chris Lynnes,  - “What’s IN a variable?”
    a.    What physical quantity is being measured or simulated?
    b.     Competing schemes for measurement/essence (ex. CF, GCMD)
        i.    Essential Climate Variables is an additional schema, not listed on slide.
    c.    What do we need to name variables?
    d.    GCMD keywords are changed frequently.

Working Spreadsheet:

Deep Data Working Session: Interoperable Access to Data at the Parameter Level; 2016 ESIP Summer Meeting. ESIP Commons , March 2016


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