HDF in the Cloud


The HDF Group is working with a number of partners to define practical approaches to storing and accessing HDF data in the cloud. We will describe the current status of this work and demonstrate tools that facilitate it.


1.    John Ready - "HDF Cloud Services"
    a.    What is HDF5? – Brief Overview
    b.    HDF5 Features – Brief Overview
    c.    Why HDF5 in the Cloud?

2.    Ellen Johnson, Mathworks – “MATLAB, Big Data, and HDF Server
    b.    Scientific Data in MATLAB
    c.    HDF5 in MATLAB
    d.    Big Data in MATLAB
        i.    Scale
    e.    Hadoop
    f.    Access & Analyzing Big Data
        i.    Map Reduce
        ii.    RESTful Web Services
    g.    Demonstration using MATLAB

3.    Hyokyung Joe Lee,  - “Utilizing HDF4 File Content Maps for Cloud Computing”

Powers, L.; HDF in the Cloud; 2016 ESIP Summer Meeting. ESIP Commons , March 2016