The ISO Landscape


Many members of the ESIP community use ISO metadata standards to describe their data and services or are interested in doing that in the future. We will describe and answer questions about recent developments in those standards and demonstrate related ESIP resources.


A Profile of ISO 19115 for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry – Steve Richards
This talk focused on the implementation of an Oil and Gas profile for ISO 19115.  The talk summarized the profile evolution, reviewed the profile schema, and discussed future steps for profile adoption in the oil and gas community. 

ISO 19157 – A Unified Metadata Model for Data Quality – Ted Habermann
This talk reviewed the ISO 19157 specification for describing data quality.  ISO quality objects in the specification were examined and examples provided.  The talk showed how quality fields in other dialects  (DIF & ECHO) fit into ISO 19157 and highlighted new features and improvements for documenting quality in ISO 19157.

The ISO Landscape; 2016 ESIP Summer Meeting. ESIP Commons , March 2016