Educator’s Workshop: Testing & Refining STEAM Learning Activities for Recreational Drones


Fifteen educators selected through our application process will test and refine a range of activity ideas. Participants will make plans for facilitating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) investigations using recreational drones in clubs, classrooms, and / or science fairs. Participants will also learn about ESIP projects and initiatives that provide learners with opportunities to apply skills in acquiring and using data.


8:30         Welcome, introductions, ESIP overview & distribute assembled drones to participants

9:00         Intros to safety and documentation (B4UFLY app & pre-flight checklist)

9:15         Drone Aerodynamics 1:   Goal: controlled flight and simple maneuvers.

                New pilots will be paired with experienced pilots. 

10:00       ESIP Education sampler sessions (Three 10-minute talks with connections to drones)

10:30       Meeting-wide Break 

11:00       Three more 10 minute talks (ESIP activities with connections to drones)

11:30       Drone Aerodynamics 2: Running simple investigations

                Model best practices for safety and documentation (always).

                UAV payloads and / or other activities for novices; Image gathering challenge for experienced folks.

                Share all suggested activity sheets and invite exploration, input, and feedback.

12:30       Lunch

1:30         Drone Aerodynamics 3: off-the-shelf and miniature DIY sensors

                Take your skills to the next level.

                Explore and imagine new activities.

3:00         Discuss the most effective way to help educators remain motivated and engaged.

                Assign responsibilities for testing activities.

                Develop consensus on best practices for activity instructions.

                Outline timeline and milestones for e-book.             

4:40         Evaluations & wrap-up


This is an all day workshop advertised to take place on Tuesday, July 19. We request a large room with around 20 chairs and a few tables, leaving us lots of room to fly and crash drones.

Educator’s Workshop: Testing & Refining STEAM Learning Activities for Recreational Drones; 2016 ESIP Summer Meeting. ESIP Commons , March 2016