NOAA OneStop Data Discovery and Access Framework Project: Progress, Feedback, and Alignment with the USGEO Common Framework on Earth Observation Data


The NOAA OneStop Data Discovery and Access Framework Project was initialized in FY15 and is now working rapidly to improve discovery and access to NOAA's data. This session is a follow-on to the Winter ESIP 2016 OneStop session in which the project was introduced to the community and initial feedback on approaches being taken was collected.  That feedback helped confirm the general direction of the project and its reliance on standards-based services, rigorous ISO 19115 metadata, and relevance ranking improvements, for example.  During the summer meeting, we will feature a combination of presentations and discussions to further inform the ESIP community, demonstrate progress on the various layers of the project, explore synergies with similar efforts taking place at other ogranizations, and to solicit more community feedback on OneStop.  A key aspect of the discussion will be to explore the alignment of OneStop with the new USGEO Common Framework for Earth Observation Data.

Link to Google slides presentation used during the session:


Love the setup: Storytelling 


  • MetaData
  • This is a huge team.
  • Work across locations and collaborate
  • ISO is a standard and something the earth science community uses.
  • ISO metadata guidance and best practices.
  • There are tools that can be leveraged to accomplish this work.
  • Collection: minimum citable unit of data.
Collection Metadata Requirements: (slide) things like:
  • 90% “completeness” based on a NOAA Rubric.
  • But DOI is just a recommendation at this point, not a requirement.
  • Granule: minimum discoverable unit of data
  • New for most datasets.

Minimum fields needed for ISO compliance:

  • OneStop → ISO-Lite Only requires 27 (out of a 100+) attributes.
  • To be “One-Stop” ready, you have to have 90%.

Where are we now?

  • 2 datasets ready.
  • Many coming on line hopefully September.
  • Actually developing tools to help with the metadata collection.
  • Criteria and metrics.
  • Data stewardship maturity matrix. T
  • emplate for maturity scores, etc.
  • Summary graphic and rubrics for collection & granular metadata.
  • Gap analysis, etc.
  • Communication also improved data AND metadata while doing it


  • "Is the idea for OneStop to change the metadata from the original repository? Or is to work with the datacenters to improve their metadata"
The Metadata team sits across all three sources.
One Stop: Pathfinder effort.
In this project: can iterate on both sides of it… ie: not just user interface, but also underneath Back and forth ability across boundaries of different layers.
  • "Background on User Interface Work:"
Found a tool they liked with User Interface: Balsamic -- a really visual search experience
NOAA OneStop Data Discovery and Access Framework Project: Progress, Feedback, and Alignment with the USGEO Common Framework on Earth Observation Data; 2016 ESIP Summer Meeting. ESIP Commons , March 2016