Sustainable Data Management for Environmental Science Repositories – Summary Session


Many environmental data repositories were initiated to fulfill specific needs or objectives, i.e. archiving and disseminating data from a project, network of research sites, institution, or funding source. The sustainable data management cluster is exploring how we might develop this network of repositories in a way that produces new collaboration and curation strategies within a framework that provides a positive return on our investment (ROI).

Two working group sessions at this meeting will continue the work conducted at a November 2015 workshop, in Tempe, AZ. This session will give those groups the opportunity to share additional progress, and for the larger group to consider the next steps in this process.

Colleagues who have not been involved to date are welcome to attend, as we wish to extend this dialog to the broadest possible audience. 


  • This session was structured as a group discussion and did not have associated presentations. Please refer to the recording for further details regarding this session.
    • For the recording, please go to:
    • The sign in is: [email protected], and the password is: Earth111
    • Select: “July 22 AM Junior Ballroom C” (this session will start at the first half of the recording).
  • Additionally, the session leaders took notes via Google Doc; for the notes from the session leaders, please refer to the Sustainability Data Management cluster's wiki page:


Gries, C.; O'Brien, M.; Tarrant, P.; Sustainable Data Management for Environmental Science Repositories – Summary Session; 2016 ESIP Summer Meeting. ESIP Commons , April 2016