Advancing netCDF-CF


NetCDF-CF is a community-developed data standard first released in 2003. Originally designed to represent climate and forecast (CF) model output encoded in the netCDF binary format, the standard is now widely accepted in the climate, weather, remote-sensing, and other geoscience research communities.

This sesion will provide a venue to discuss current and planned efforts to advance netCDF-CF. Updates will be given on current efforts to draft proposals for specific enhancements to the CF specification. 


Introduction: What is netCDF?

Goals; engage the existing netCDF-CF community; support geoscience data

Activities/outcomes: two community workshops; draft extensions to netCDF-CF; Work with geoscience domains new to netCDF-CF; extend existing netCDF;

Classic netCDF -> enhanced netCDF data model

CF 2.0 : CF 1.x limited to netCDF classic data model -> CF 2.o use features of the enhanced data model

Proposed extensions to netCDF-CF: add support for netcdf enhanced data model; Hierarchical group structures (for data and metadata); more natural representation of observational data; add support for more complex data;harmonize CF coordinate systems; unstructured grids; dataset aggregation; support for namespaces; investigate support for linked data and semantic technologies;
Data template recommendation for users to organize their data for NCE

Davis, E.; Advancing netCDF-CF; 2016 ESIP Summer Meeting. ESIP Commons , May 2016