Earth Science Data for Informing Decisions


Increasingly Earth Science observations and models are being used with other Global Change Information (GCI) to inform decisions on adapting to and mitigating global change.  Feedback from decision makers is needed so research and other activities can improve the usefulness of this GCI.  This session will provide an opportunity for the ESIP participants to share best practices and recent developments that helped improve their users’ experience with GCI.  Panelists will be introduced and will briefly discuss specific case studies of GCI use within their organization and will answer questions focused on outcomes such as: what was the intended outcome, what actually happened, what was the impact, and what should continue and what could improve the value of the GCI product or service?  Following the introductions, there will be a discussion of metrics that could be used to help GCI data providers improve the usefulness of their products and services for informing decisions, with questions and feedback from all of session participants.

Earth Science Data for Informing Decisions; Winter Meeting 2017. ESIP Commons , October 2016