OneStop Usability Testing


The OneStop Project: Usability Testing

In response to the President’s Open Government Initiative and related policies, NOAA has committed to providing improved public access to all of its environmental information to enable research and commercial innovation through ease of data discovery and use. The OneStop Project supports NOAA's efforts by leveraging existing access technologies and infusing specific innovations to provide improved discovery, access, and visualization services for NOAA’s data.  OneStop is viewed as a pathfinder effort with an initial focus on selected high-priority datasets from NCEI, but eventually scalable across NOAA’s data.  OneStop is a key implementation agent for the USGEO Common Framework for Earth Observation Data within NOAA.  

In Dec 2016, the OneStop project is releasing a Beta version of its data discovery interface and invites the ESIP community to provide feedback in advance of the first full release later in the spring of 2017.  Both script-based, human-observed testing and "freeform", on-your-own style testing with feedback provided via a form will be offered to the ESIP community and beyond during this beta review period.  


OneStop Usability Testing

The OneStop project would like to host some form of usability testing of the OneStop user interface, which will have released its Beta for public review and testing just a few weeks before the meeting, in Dec 2016. Perhaps more effective than a breakout session, or at least coupled with a dedicated breakout session, would be a table/stand in tthe hallway that we would staff and conduct testing all week of the EDM/ESIP meetings.  Please advise on how to proceed with something like this idea.


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