Event-Driven Virtual Collections for Community Solutions


Science data users studying specific events are often searching for multiple data sets or require many different types of data. The spatial and temporal definition of the event are used to gather data from multiple sources for an event virtual collection. Data are not limited to scientific data, but can include social media data such as videos, images, text messages and statistics of these alternate data. With this session, we aim to gather insights on using event-driven virtual collections to further community-based solutions, including event response planning, scientific research, and strengthening community resilience. This session will include discussion of virtual collection definition, data handling, and collection curation. 

In this proposed session we encourage discussions to gain insights about how event-driven virtual collections can be used to further community-based needs and solutions, to include science research, event response, and other community needs.  This information could be helpful for data centers and others to realize the value of collections of disparate data for events and other groupings.

Beck, J.; Conover, H.; Event-Driven Virtual Collections for Community Solutions; Winter Meeting 2017. ESIP Commons , October 2016