Data Driven Decision Making for the Disasters Response User Community


The Disaster Life Cycle Cluster 2016 activities to better understand end user needs for satellite and related data products has resulted in lessons learned in key communities including the State of California (e.g., earthquake response) and utilities managers (e.g., mass power outage response). This session will recap key findings from the ESIP-sponsored Oct 27, 2016 Data Driven Decision Making (3DM) workshop in DC.  An update on the Fleet Response Working Group (FRWG) Testbed is planned to show examples for Hurricane Matthew use case. We also will see how the UAH Event Album is updated based on examples from Hurricane Matthew.  We will examine approaches to identifying Trusted Data criteria relevant to needs of the disasters response and risk management communities. Following the Cascadia Rising Exercise in the summer and the Vigilant Guard 17 Exercise in the fall, we will get an update on the use of near real time and other data sets by partners in California. Next steps for additional 3DM workshops and webinars will be discussed to continue building relationships with user communities, including follow on efforts with the utility sector.

Agenda Topics:

Erin Robinson/ESIP Director will provide her insights regarding the Data Driven Decision Making (3DM) workshop that ESIP co-sponsored, highlighting its productive features and possibly also address areas where we might focus more attention on in 2017.
Tom Moran/All Hazards Consortium (AHC) will also give his perspective about the workshop and the potential value to data users, especially those new to our data products, and future opportunities to work together with ESIP.
Luis Bermudez/Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) will talk about ESIP & OGC Testbed 13 Collaboration Opportunities – Data Services for Disaster Response.
Maggi Glasscoe/JPL will bring us up to date regarding the exercises for Cascadia Rising and Vigilant Guard 17 in cooperation with her California colleagues.
Ken Keiser/UAH plans to provide an update on the Event Albums project, including Hurricane Matthew and other results, and address how Event Albums can contribute to data-driven decision making.
We will conclude with a discussion about what ESIP can do to further make the case that Earth science data can enhance decision making for the broad disasters response community. This make take the form of workshops or webinars in 2017.

Moe, K.; Jones,, D.; Data Driven Decision Making for the Disasters Response User Community; Winter Meeting 2017. ESIP Commons , October 2016