Tool - Match-a-thon Competition


So, you’re wondering...which tools work with MODIS Aerosols swaths?  Or GHRSST Sea Surface Temperature?  Which datasets can be visualized in ArcGIS? Or Panoply? Come to the Tool - Dataset Match-a-thon and see how many matches you can make between datasets and the tools that work with them!  You can bring your own datasets or use ours!  If you don’t have tools, they will be provided for you.  
We’re looking for both individuals and teams to compete against each other.  Some of the categories that teams will be competing on could be:  
·        Most different tools entered
·         Most different data products entered
·         Most total entries
·         Most esoteric / bizarre “gotcha” (restriction on use) noted
·         Special Prizes TBD – ideas welcomed!
Valuable prizes (such as our undying gratitude ---  oh, and maybe chocolate!) will be given for the top teams.  Even if you or your team don’t win, you may learn some new tools (a few experts will be on hand, from ESRI on ArcGIS, for instance. Other tool experts invited!)...Or learn about some new datasets!  Ready, set, game on!


Will need two back to back breakout sessions if possible.  The first one would be preparation for  participants (and organizers) and the second would be the actual competition.