Metrics: User’s Active and Dynamic Data and Service Usage at GES DISC


The NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Service Center (GES DISC) has provided enormous Earth science data, information, and services to various research communities and general publics for many years.  Our primary goal at GES DISC has been aiming to constantly maintain overall data services with good quality, as well as to timely improve them so that our users (such as research scientists including college professors; applications scientists; general publics and students) can and will be offered and served with satisfactory (constantly) and improved (timely) data services.  A synoptic analysis recently performed on the metrics (that remains on-going using newly available records up to the date) -- the active and dynamic data and service usages by our diverse user communities, has shown interesting, significant and useful features and info’s.  The results of the analysis have genuinely enabled us with a better understanding of our overall data services, as well as therefore equipped us with a special knowledge for how to further improve our data services accordingly. The materials to be presented at the meeting will basically be addressed through "Five Ws and One H", i.e., “What”: the archived and distributed data products (volume and number of files); “Why”: our objectives, and the reasons accounting for certain revealed features; “Who”: the distinct users and their backgrounds; “When”: seven years (Jan 2010-Dec 2016) of targeted data and services, and a “seasonal” metrics analysis; "Where": the global user (IP address) distributions in terms of countries or domains; and “How”: the different protocol means used by users for data download or service usage.

Collaboration Area: 

Name: Gary Alcott
Organization(s): NASA/GSFC/GES DISC

Name: Guang-Dih Lei
Organization(s): NASA/GSFC/Adnet

Name: Steve Kempler
Organization(s): Goddard DAAC