Introduction to the Partnership for Resilience Preparedness (PREP)


The Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP) is a public-private collaboration to empower a data-driven approach to building climate resilience. PREP aims to help planners, investors, and resource managers more easily incorporate climate risks into their decisions by enhancing access to relevant data and facilitating collective learning through insights on climate change. PREP does this through:
* Engagement 
* Data 
* Platforms

In this session we will introduce PREP through a series of short talks: 

  • Introduce PREP and evolution of CDI
  • Introduce Platform Workgroup w/ focus on platform itself
  • GCIS connection to PREP
  • Introduce Engagement Workgroup   
  • Introduce Data Workgroup

We will then discuss two complimentary efforts: 

  • Global Platforms on Sustainable Cities 
  • Funding opportunities on OGC Testbed 13 - Advancing technologies relevant to science data infrastructure
Robinson, E.; Privette, A.; Introduction to the Partnership for Resilience Preparedness (PREP) ; Winter Meeting 2017. ESIP Commons , January 2017