Minutes from March 27 Telecon

Participants: Bob Downs, Jonathan Blythe, Carol Meyer, Ana Prados, Cathy Vaughan
We discussed a range of ideas for the summer meeting, including a follow-on evaluation workshop. We could engage with different case studies, discuss different kinds of projects, or evaluate a part of ESIP? We could also have a structured discussion regarding different methodologies used for different projects. Round table, unstructured but facilitated discussion on what different people are doing to evaluate their projects, programs, etc. 90-minute breakout session. 
ACTIONS: Carol will put together some initial ideas and share this with the group; we will also arrange a phone call with Josh. 


Presentations from ESIP Winter Meeting

January 8-10, 2013

Grant Writer's Goldmine, Josh Joseph: teway/PTARGS_0_5643_8056_0_0_18/ESIP_EvalWinter_20 13_Josh_Joseph.ppt

Grant Writer's Goldmine, Ana Prados: teway/PTARGS_0_5643_8055_0_0_18/ESIP_EvalWinter_20 13_Ana_Prados.pdf

Session notes:


Minutes from January 23, 2013

The group discussed the evaluation workshop at the recent winter meeting, and what to do next. Some possibilities include:

  • the same kinds of workshop, on different topics (metrics, surveys, etc)
  • shorter workshops on the same topic
  • evaluation workshops tailored to specific cluster groups 
  • evaluating ESIP

We also discussed the possibility of recording evaluation workshops and making them more widely available, using the data managment course as a model to provide reusable content. 


Minutes from November 27, 2012,_2012

Minutes from October 24, 2012

ESIP Decisions Cluster
October 24, 2012
Bob Downs, Ana Prados, Cathy Vaughan


We are exploring a practical session in which participants can work through logic models for proposals. Carole has suggested that Bob Michner has some experience with this and might be a good speaker. We could also have a half-day working session, possibly with Josh Joseph. We will try to make sure we don't compete with plenary sessions or leave it to the last day; we will also try to tie our session in with the overall conference theme.


We discussed the possibility of organizing current information on earth science and disasters, making information more accessible to disaster risk managers who may want to use that information for decision making. To facilitate this, Ana will reach out to Frank Lindsey & Dave Jones; Cathy will reach out to the Red Cross. We will connect again on the next call and maybe have an idea to try to sell the idea at the winter meeting.


Presentation from Evaluation Workshop at the 2012 Summer Workshop:

Evaluating Your Project:

Connecting Your Project to What Matters:

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