Geoportal Server: Open Source Software for Data Discovery and More


The goal of this session is to introduce Geoportal Server as one of the data discovery and access services from different communities among NODC, NGDC, and EPA. 

The outline for this session:
1. Introducing Geoportal Server
2. How NODC's Geoportal Server is used as an integration tool for interoperable data services
3. The Metadata Management for Geoportal Server and Beyond
4. Geoportal Server's ISO metadata implementation
5. The Envrionmental Dataset Gateway (EDG)
6. NODC's Geoportal Server implementations and the usability test results
7. Questions
  • ESRI GIS portal toolkit -> Geoportal Server ( Christine White (ESRI))
    • Highly configurable
    • Built on existing OSS platforms
    • Active development


  • NODC use of Geoportal for Integration/Interoperation, John Relph, NODCKen Casey, NODCLi, Jeff (NODC)
    • Archival work - human and machine interfaces
      • Target access to archives through various software services
      • Need for service integration and organization
    • Geoportal fills this need
    • Machine-to-machine communication via REST URL
      • Applications can construct individual URLs to pull targeted data
        • Metadata selections, but custom coding often needed for unique datasets
      • This lends itself to an agile archive which can conform to many different data/metadata requests
      • Dynamic, metadata created Web Accessible Folders (WAFs)
        • Brief Access Records merged with FGDC XML generates live archive WAF
  • NODC Collections WAF
    • Collection level records, with HTML for Google harvesting
  • One-Stop WAFs
    • Immediately downloadable WAF only
  • NODC Geoportal Server Usability Test for first-time users
    • Most use was scientific research
    • Many different countries
    • Spatial search had highest difficulty, free text and web interface tasks were also problematic
    • Indicated that the map locator needs work, as well as text search, default syntax, and ontology services were needed
    • Additional data visualization needed
    • Move for Geoportal to use ISO19115-2 metadata


  • NGDC use of Geoportal David Neufeld (NGDC)
    • Mixed content, WAF centric
      • Common Property Meanings to create shared concepts
        • Simplifies search modifications, custom links to data
    • Improving metadata content
      • Must work with data providers
      • Metadata report card, based on metadata conventions
    • Federated searches
  • Collaborations
    • Information sharing
    • GEO-IDE Wiki
    • Locator services
    • Google code shared repository possible


  • EPA use of Geoportal David Parrish (EPA)
    • Environmental Dataset Gatewaty (EDG)
    • v 1.0 of Geoportal customized for EPA needs
    • Public demand drives division of Air, Water, Waste categories
    • Selection of data by region, type, owner
    • Code for searches available to be imbedded in third party webpages
    • Separation between public and private datasets
    • Automation of records/inventory/formatting
    • Metrics for data requests, world map of requests by country, metadata
    • Clip N Ship
    • Enhanced metrics, web services, web services and metadata
    • Outreach and sharing of tech

Related Links
Yuanjie, L.; White, C.; Geoportal Server: Open Source Software for Data Discovery and More; Winter Meeting 2012. ESIP Commons , February 2012