Justin Poinsatte



Justin’s research is focused on changes in carbon and nitrogen dynamics on nutrient-limited areas 
of Mt. St. Helens. The goal of the research is to provide a better understanding of the fundamentals 
of soil and plant nitrogen transformations, including mechanisms of nitrogen addition and retention 
and the interactions between carbon availability and microbial communities. The NSPIRE program 
allows interactions with other fields such as atmospheric chemistry, population ecology, hydrology, 
and soil chemistry and provides for an open framework to incorporate interdisciplinary approaches 
into this research.  Results will further our understanding of fundamental processes of carbon and 
nitrogen interactions  and  will lead to greater knowledge of ecosystem function, and  can also be 
applied to restoration efforts to inform how  productivity and biodiversity  can be restored in 
disturbed areas. Finally, the young, rapidly evolving ecosystems of Mt. St. Helens can be used as  a 
model to understand basic carbon and nitrogen cycling within the soil, which can then be applied to 
more complex ecosystems.
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