ESDIS Metadata Architecture Study Discussion


A discussion meeting to present results and plans from the second round of ESDIS'a Metadata Architecture Study. Led by members on the study team, including ECHO and GCMD participants. Learn about what's being planned and discuss the findings and study documents.



  • Background
  • MAS Phase 1
  • MAS Phase 2
    • Mission/Objectives
    • UMM
    • CMR
    • ConOPS
  • Community Feedback
    • ESDIS Standards Group Review
    • Stakeholder Interviews
    • Next Steps
  • Open Discussion/Feedback

Study documents will be made available to the public in early August. Contact Kevin Murphy ([email protected]) for more details.


Google Doc Notes:


File ESIP_MAS2_Session_Presentation.pptx2.53 MB
Baynes, K.; Stevens, T.; Cherry, T.; Murphy, K.; ESDIS Metadata Architecture Study Discussion; Summer Meeting 2013. ESIP Commons , March 2013