Open Source Cluster Breakout


The ESIP Open Source Cluster breakout will consist of:

  • A short introductory session to the goals and accomplishements of the Open Source Cluster (Licensing advice; governance and foundation models; community models; and best practices for open source) - Chris Mattmann will give this
  • Short "lightning talks" from presenters culled from calls on the [email protected] and to other open source communities. We will solicit open source talks from popular foundations including Apache, Eclipse, and also from within the science and technical communities. 
  • A discussion of next steps for the Cluster in terms of relationships to other ESIP groups (Products + Services; Geospatia; Cloud Computing, etc.)

We anticipate a lively discussion, opportunity for training in open source, and important outcomes including new case studies that the group will take on as posed by the audience, and from the discussion. 

Mattmann, C.; Open Source Cluster Breakout; Summer Meeting 2013. ESIP Commons , April 2013