Cloud Projects and Examples


This technial session invites speakers to discuss some of their current Cloud Computing projects.  The focuses on refrence architecture, best practices, and pitfalls avoidance.  Speakers include:

  • Deirdre Byrne: Current NOAA cloud computing projects
  • Long Pham: Giovanni on the cloud
  • Mike Little: NASA Langley Cloud Practice
  • Kai Liu: Cloud advisory tool




Long Pham NASA Goddard:

Cloud Computing with Giovanni (g4Cloud)


Overall Appoach - Amazon and Eucoplyptus Cloud

The Giovanni Way - How does is work

Use-Case Scenarios

-workshop portal

-run Giovanni next to data

-mitigate peak load before major conferences

g4Cloud performance

-runs about 25% faster in the cloud than on local system

Cost comparison

-85K in the cloud vs 120K on local machines over 3-year period

GUI example / Use Example

Summary Information / Next Steps

-would like to scale g4Cloud on Amazon

-experiment with different datasets

Q:How scalable, can support I/O and bandwidth

A:Ran bandwidth test on local and Amazon instance, but not multiple instances

Q:Will you do more testing with Eucalyptus

A:Yes, we will

Other Questions....

| Live Demo |


Mike Little

Cloud Computing Experiences at NASA Langley

All work at Langley relates back to Nebula testing

Most code is custom / data reduction work

-Analysis shows that if you use more than 60% of the time, then you should probably own the computer

-No saving in system support cost because sys-admins just do other kind of support

-Experiment early, 

-New projects are easier to move onto the cloud

Important Use Cases at Langley

-useful for startup projects

-foreign national visitors


Cost model

-don't have a good one , constantly changing

Science community not always comfortable with new technologies

Business interface information

GeoCloud example - seems to be working well

Moving some of the data to the cloud


Deirdre Byrne: Current NOAA cloud computing projects

NOAA Data Archiving

-75 years or as long as scientifically valuable

There are different types of computing with different requirements

Things working on:

-NOAA National Data Center

-NESDIS Enterprise Cloud WG

Metrics/Criteria for success


-Amazon example

-prototyping a DAP server for the cloud environment

-elastic cloud computing - commercial and private cloud solutions and cloud storage, part II

Data storage strategic considerations

-expect 50pb in 5 years, 170pb by 2050

Details on elastic computing strategic considerations


Kai Liu: Cloud advisory tool

very quick slide presentation due to limited session time






Yang, P.; Huang, T.; Cloud Projects and Examples; Winter Meeting 2014. ESIP Commons , December 2013