Climate Education Resources from NOAA, NASA and CIMSS


Tune in to this 1 hour webinar on Thursday July 10th for updates on trusted climate education resources, starting with NOAA’s website, recent recipient of two Webby Awards – learn why! This presentation will be followed by an overview of NASA’s amazing on-line resources and suggested uses in science classrooms. Finally, a few resources from CIMSS at the UW-Madison, including the new Climate Digest product which conveys a visually appealing global climate brief each month in support of a climate-literate society.  

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Increasing Climate Literacy
Frank Niepold - NOAA Climate Program Office

IPCC Report is full of graphics, key messages, etc. site has received a 2014 Webby award provides teaching resources for the national climate assessment

"Goal of is to provide a portal to link things together"

Highlighting Educational Resources on the portal including the CLEAN collection

Dana Haine - UNC-CH
Using NASA Resources to Promote Climate Literacy

(Presentation will be made available with all links included. I couldn't copy some of the longer ones)

Highlighting OCO2 (new satellite)

NASA's Eyes on the Earth

Resource: Educators Guide to ASA Earth Science Images and Data

Resource: PBS: Earth From Space (Avail on DVD)


Resource: NASA Climate Interactives
-Climate Time Machine
-Sea Level Viewer
-Global Ice Viewer

NASA's Images of Change
-Visually show change over time

NASA's Earth Observatory

NASA's Earth Observations

Climate Essentials Multimedia Gallery

NASA's Paint By Particle
-Visualization for engaging students on aerosols and climate change

Data Enhanced Investigations for Climate Change Education (GIOVANNI for educators)

My NASA Data: Lessons plans and resources for educators using NASA data

Timelapse powered by Google Earth Engine

-NASA's Visualization Explorer
-NASA's EarthNow

Margaret Mooney, CIMSS/SSEC

Advancing Climate Literacy is a priority at CIMSS

Several Applets for weather and climate changes education (HTML5!)

On-line Climate Change Curriculum
-Updating to 2013 IPCC data (Jan 2015 rollout)

Modern Water Cycle Diagram

CIMSS EarthNow Project
-Blog-style site for NOAA Science on a Sphere resources also viewable via YouTube videos

Climate Digest for Mobile Devices, laptops and desktops
-Global Climate Brief in ~ 3 minutes, based on NCDC global analysis

Mooney, M.; Climate Education Resources from NOAA, NASA and CIMSS; Summer Meeting 2014. ESIP Commons , May 2014