Cloud Computing Readiness for Supporting Earth Science


Cloud Computing is becoming a promising computing infrastructure to support Earth sciences. With a variety of commercial and open source cloud solutions available, a 360 degree test of the cloud capability for managing computing infrastructure and supporting Earth sciences are needed to guide the field for adopting cloud computing. This session invites the two most comprehensive government studies of cloud computing for geospatial sciences to present the results. The presentation includes:

  • Mike Little, NASA SMD Cloud Test Brief (Virtual)
  • Doug Nebert, FGDC GeoCloud, (Virtual)
  • Phil Yang, GMU, Cloud Readiness for Earth Sciences
  • Confirm with Mike/Doug about another cloud readiness test in NASA

Through both overall and technical detailed presentation, we hope this session can help shed some lights about how to assess and adopt cloud computing for Earth science efforts, such as EarthCube, Digital Earth, Earth Simulator, NEX, and other similar efforts.

Yang, P.; Huang, T.; Cloud Computing Readiness for Supporting Earth Science; Summer Meeting 2012. ESIP Commons , June 2012