Earth Science Collaboratory Hackathon


Join us as we take a collaboration framework, RAMADDA, out for a spin! Let's see if we can do any collaborative work with science data within the framework. Bring your datasets, data tools, or use cases!


More detailed agenda on our wiki.



ESC RAMADDA Hackathon:

  • collaborate on data and knowledge exchange
  • open source collaboration
  • feature set implemented on a framework
  • also want to try out HubZero
    • NanoHub

What do we want to get out of these types of sessions?


  1. Will want to give the users something to do to get more out of these types of sessions
  2. Who is the target audience of ESC?
    1. We want to get ESIP folks, practitioners,
  3. HubZero is pricey


  1. Reinforce: relationship between ESC & EC, as being a genuine opportunity. EC a bit chaotic, unsure how to take form.  Next step in EC to have a set of funding.  Would be a real opportunity to have the volunteer environment combined with some funding opportunities.
    1. General idea behind EC & ESC interaction, trying to get our parts of visions

User Stories

  • very set in their ways, land cover maps, updating burn severity maps

Ex. LandCover:

  • very dependent on commercial tools
  • collaboration features need to fit in with current


  1. Effort to have personas in DataONE, describe both more than just what the persons educational background and interest and how they will use and take advantage of that system.
  2. We have classes of user stories in wiki.
  3. What need features you would like to see?
  4. How to frame use stories:
    1. Basic statement of problem
    2. Basic collaboration features to make process go better/faster/cheaper
  5. User Story: focused on use cases
  6. Human Factors: getting into psychological/sociological effects of systems. (micro: person & macro/groups)

Human Factors:

Macro theory:

Top-down architecture: will probably not be able to get that with 2 or more agencies

  • following in semantics the open world assumption
    • you’ll need to bring another set of resources into system, which will need to make it fully open
  • emergent system

Chris: its really a true ecosystem

  • bats and birds and bugs, filling flying creature niche
  • we need to support various niches’ as long as they are being filled in the way they need to be


  1. What is the purpose of ESC?
    1. Affect development, bring into being a framework that allows end user to collaborate
    2. we should step back reframe, and grow as ecosystem
    3. we should be thinking hard about selection pressures so that the ecosystem grows
    4. We have no implementation army, we need to work on selection pressures
  2. We have the niche problem/stories and we’re trying to create a collaboratory that responds to several of these
    1. System has to be open
  3. Motivation factors:
    1. Ex. Data citation
Lynnes, C.; Hua, H.; Earth Science Collaboratory Hackathon; Summer Meeting 2012. ESIP Commons , July 2012