GCMD/IDN: Advances in Keyword and Metadata Interoperability


The GCMD staff announced the release of GCMD/IDN Version on June 12, 2012.  This release represents a significant change in the functionality of the GCMD through the use of the new Keyword Management System (KMS).  The KMS introduces a completely new paradigm for the use and management of the GCMD’s keywords.  In addition, the new Metadata Web Service (MWS) offers a RESTful web service that provides “dynamic query access” to the GCMD metadata collection.  The “Next Generation” web search portal leverages the KMS by offering a sophisticated “tree refinement” option.  Other features, which are built on top of KMS and MWS, include the free-text search, science keyword search, and the docBUILDER metadata authoring tools that are currently utilized by organizations throughout the world.  We will present a live demonstration of the KMS and MWS services as well as the “Next Generation” web search portal.

GCMD: http://gcmd.nasa.gov

Next Generation GCMD Portal: http://gcmd-option.gsfc.nasa.gov/nextgen/

KMS: http://gcmdservices.gsfc.nasa.gov/kms/capabilities

MWS: http://gcmdservices.gsfc.nasa.gov/mws/capabilities

[Please Note: KMS and MWS require authentication.  

Please link to https://urs.eosdis.nasa.gov/ to create an account]