What's New at the HDF-EOS Tools and Information Center Website


In the past 3 years, The HDF Group has developed tools and examples aiming to improve the usability of NASA HDF and HDF-EOS data files. All those tools and examples are available through the HDF-EOS Tools and Information Center Website (http://hdfeos.org).  This poster highlights the new additions and updates at the website such as the new H4CF conversion toolkit (http://hdfeos.org/software/h4cflib.php), the re-engineered HDF5 OPeNDAP handler (http://hdfeos.org/software/hdf5_handler.php), and the up-to-date comprehensive examples page (http://hdfeos.org/zoo).

 The H4CF conversion toolkit includes a conversion Library which provides APIs to access the NASA HDF4/HDF-EOS2 objects by following the CF conventions. In addition, the toolkit also provides the HDF4/HDF-EOS2 to netCDF-3 and netCDF-4 classic converters based on the conversion library.

 The re-engineered HDF5 OPeNDAP handler supports the easy access (visualization and analysis) of NASA HDF-EOS5 and HDF5 products via OPeNDAP. It supports current NASA HDF-EOS5 and HDF5 products by following the CF conventions. For  example, the  Aura HDF-EOS5 products, MEaSUREs SeaWiFS, GSSTF and Ozone products, and Aquarius product can be accessed by netCDF Java tools such as IDV and Panoply.

 The Comprehensive Examples page provides a full programming source code of visualizing NASA HDF/HDF-EOS data in MATLAB, IDL, and NCL. The page covers various products such as  MABEL, Aquarius, AURA OMI/TES/MLS/HIRDLS, MODIS, MISR, AIRS, CERES,  MEaSUREs, TRMM,  AMSR_E, AVHRR, QuikSCAT, SeaWiFS, MOPITT, CloudSAT, etc. from data centers like GES DISC, ICESat-2, NSIDC, LAADS, LP DAAC, NSIDC, LaRC, PO.DAAC, etc. The HDF-EOS website user communities help us to improve the quality and performance of these examples as well as to add the new products such as Aquarius and MABEL.

 The website not only provides many other useful tools and programming examples to access NASA HDF/HDF-EOS data but also compiles a list of important links related to the NASA HDF/HDF-EOS data.

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Name: Joe Lee
Organization(s): HDF