Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN) – A Mechanism for Broader Impacts of Research Efforts


Has your research project developed educational materials that feature the new Earth science knowledge and data that your work has produced?  Can those materials help students develop a better understanding of the Earth system and climate change science?  If so consider submitting your science educational resources to the CLEAN project for review to become part of a vetted collection of educational resources for teaching climate and energy science in grades 6-16.

The CLEAN Pathway ( is a National Science Digital Library ( portal is stewarding a collection of classroom activities, lab demonstrations, videos, visualizations, simulations and more. Each resource is extensively reviewed for scientific accuracy, pedagogical effectiveness, and technical quality.  Once accepted into the CLEAN collection, a resource is aligned with the Climate Literacy Essential Principles for Climate Science, the Energy Literacy Essential Principles, the AAAS Project 2061 Benchmarks for Science Literacy and other national standards. The CLEAN website hosts a growing collection of currently ~360 resources that represent the leading edge of climate and energy science resources for the classroom.

This poster will describe the components of the CLEAN effort, including the vetted collection, information to help educators improve their own climate and energy literacy and how to effectively integrate the climate and energy principles into their teaching; and the review process that can enable your climate and energy science educational resources and technology tools to be made available through the CLEAN portal.

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The CLEAN poster has now been uploaded to the ESIP Commons