Discovery Telecon 2012-06-19


Logistics, agendas and marketing for ESIP Meeting sessions

Discovery Hack-a-thon (Hook, Chris)

Metadata casting for data services and events (Brian)

  • This was not covered...

Discovery Catalog Open Source Software Evaluation (Yuanjie)


  • Chris will send out message to esip-all.

Synergy, spinoffs from EarthCube Charrette (Chris)

User Intent model (Discussion with Microsoft*)

  • Sameer from Microsoft discussed "user intent modeling" at the charette
  • Is there something to the concept of "user intent"?
  • Users have to know about the Earth Science data search engine before they can use (must be found from Google/Bing)

Discussion of role of Discovery services in ESC and EarthCube

  • EarthCube not yet talking technologies, mostly process...
  • We should jump in again once EarthCube is ready for implementation

EarthCube Discovery Data Mining and Access session at ESIP

What's next for DCPs?

DCP-5: Valids and Restrictions for Query Elements

  • This is going to be further revised using the OpenSearch parameters extension
  • Updates coming soon!
  • Side Topic:
    • We need to start considering sustainability of this cluster
    • We also need to start being more aggressive about deciding and implementing the DCPs
    • Some may be concerned without how much influence they should have on DCP decisions
    • Best Practice: Not opposed should equal a yes! (Though, if you can't understand a proposal or why its needed, then it may not be good!)

DCP-7: Error Handling Best Practices for Discovery Response



  • Chris Lynnes - Start a page of URLs and resources for the hack-a-thon
  • Chris Lynnes - Set up coordination page for mentors
  • Chris Lynnes - Work with Hook to get list of packages needed for the testbed VM
  • Chris Lynnes - Send out "marketing" message to esip-all
  • Hook Hua - What are you going to mentor!?
  • Eric Rozell - Set up the VM on the ESIP shared account for people to use during the hack-a-thon
  • Anyone - Pick a technology/language to mentor (or backup mentor) at the hack-a-thon!
  • Everyone - Review DCP-7 so you're informed when it goes up for vote!
Lynnes, C.; Hua, H.; Discovery Telecon 2012-06-19; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , October 2012