Discovery Telecon 2012-07-10





Plan/Logistics for Discovery Hack-a-thon (Hook)

  • How to run the timing?
    • Allot time to specific technology, or give broad overview and let everyone "go at it"?
    • What to do for those who will be bored with the coding part? Point is to show low-barriers of entry...
    • Casting, publishing, aggregation should be in non-coders
    • Have mentors for individual groups, and quickly go through coding part
    • Since there are two sessions, have coding and non-coding sessions
    • What if someone is interested in more than one? People are stuck in one language for the whole ninety minutes...
    • Non-coders will need more help getting going, demos will be more appropriate
    • Final Decision: non-coders first (may continue into second session), then coder second session, split into quadrants...
  • Do we need a VM? (Probably not)
    • Not for any of the non-coder stuff... probably not for Perl, Python, or Java
    • Only the XSL transform has a dependency, and that's only on a JAR...
  • Chris, Hook, Ruth coordinate presentation order and introduction...
  • We will need to give intros for OpenSearch and *casting
  • If the tutorials seem brutally obvious, that's okay, people just need a push to start using
  • How to market?
    • Facebook, our own mailing lists, Google+ group, Twitter #esipfed

Plan/Logistics/Agenda for Metadata Casting session for data, services and events (Brian)

  • Brian was not in meeting
  • Ruth will be presenting

Plan/Logistics for Open Source Software Evaluation (Yuanjie)

  • Yuanjie was not in meeting
  • Christine will be one of four presenters
  • Usability tests, data catalog, NDC experiences, etc...
  • Someone should capture relevant pieces to Discovery cluster

Agenda for Planning Meeting (Chris)

  • DCP-4 and -6 are adopted
  • DCP-5 is back for rework
  • DCP-7 is Hook's
  • DCP pages should be updated (the summary pages should reflect ratification)
  • Need to focus on DCP-5 and DCP-7
  • Hopefully, the sessions won't get too detailed into the DCPs
  • The planning session should really focus on the overall next steps and ESDSWG standards submission
  • Important thing is to coordinate resources and people for next steps


  • Eric, Hook, Nga, Chris, Christine, Ruth - prep slides for Hack-a-thon session
  • Chris - prep OpenSearch Intro for hack-a-thon session
  • Ruth - prep Casting Intro for hack-a-thon session
  • Chris - market the Hack-a-thon
Lynnes, C.; Hua, H.; Discovery Telecon 2012-07-10; Telecon Minutes. ESIP Commons , October 2012