Grand Challenges for Discovery


Join us to help define Grand Challenges for the ESIP Discovery Cluster to address!  

We are going to (choose your favorite): 

  • brainstorm
  • ideate
  • jam

on the theme of what do we need to do next to make it easy for people to find the Earth science resources they need or want.


0 - Define & present goals of process, different perspectives
1 - Count off into N / 6 groups, where N is n umber of attendees
2 - In the first brainstorming period, each group tries to develop one grand challenge use case for each perspective
3 - We make all of the Grand Challenges available to everyone
4 - In the second period, each group goes on a scavenger hunt for Grand Challenges that are complementary to their own
5 - we then look at the various connections that have been made as a group, and connect the Grand Challenges in a network diagram


Hua, H.; Lynnes, C.; Grand Challenges for Discovery;ESIP Commons , November 2012