Open Source Cluster Breakout


We'll cover the following material related to open source in ESIP projects.

1. Winter Meeting 2013 Quick Study - pick 5 concrete, relevant pieces of open source Earth Science software and:

  1. classify their licenses - classify as "collective work" or "derivative work"
  2. explain differences
  3. classify their ecosystem
  4. classify their open source model 
    Suggestion: GDAL, Apache Hadoop, Apache OODT, GeoPortal, NetCDF4-Java library, Drupal

2. Open Source Lightning Talks - relevant discussions about open source community, licensing, redistribution, etc., issues.

3. Discussion about possible interest in a Data Library for ESIP.

4. Election of Vice Chair for the Cluster


Mattmann, C.; Downs, R.; Open Source Cluster Breakout; Winter Meeting 2013. ESIP Commons , November 2012