Semantic Web - ToolMatch/Rules


Session 2: Rules/ToolMatch discussion, Info quality, business meeting.


  • Review/ report of ToolMatch workshop from ESIP 2012 Summer meeting (Lynnes)
  • Introduction to a "Rules" approach for the next iteration (Fox, Rozell, Lynnes)
  • Interactive session and discussion
  • Planning for next steps

Information Quality collaboration planning

  • <watch this space> as well as IQ/SW session on Jan 10, 1:30pm

Business Meeting

  • Cluster summary document for 2012
  • 2013 activities and goals (general)
  • Cluster collaborations
  • Other business (please add items here)
Fox, P.; Lynnes, C.; Rozell, E.; Semantic Web - ToolMatch/Rules; Winter Meeting 2013. ESIP Commons , November 2012