Data Needs for Energy Applications: Gaps, Traceability, Requirements


The ESIP Energy & Climate Workgroup aims to support the US GEO 2nd Earth Observations Assessment by engaging with the Energy private sector to identify current gaps in data, knowledge and tools. In alignment with this larger goal, the ESIP winter session aims to bring together the Energy data user community and the ESIP technical community to:

  • Identify the data needs for energy related applications;
  • Identify the data requirements (formats, uncertainty, accessibility and others) to ensure effective and widespread use of the data generated by the federal agencies;
  • Identify best data management practices an standards to ensure that existing and future energy related datasets provide the required transparency, traceability and provenance to support private sector related applications.
Eckman, R.; Privette, A.; Data Needs for Energy Applications: Gaps, Traceability, Requirements; Winter Meeting 2015. ESIP Commons , December 2014