ESIP and the Semantic Web: Creating a Grand Vision and Road Map (1 of 2)


Semantic Technologies, a spectrum of maturing methods and tools, are helping to vastly improve the discovery and dissemination of scientific research. Yet, to progress from existing prototypes to full-scale production cyberinfrastructure we must develop appropriate integrative and scalability plans. This session begins the discussion toward a grand vision and long term roadmap for Semantic Web research and development within ESIP.  Aiming to be intentionally provocative, we want to bring together the perspectives of the computer and domain scientists as well as those of the ESIP leadership. We aim to develop a roadmap for integration, sustainability, and future development that can be subsequently discussed with ESIP as a whole.

* We would like to have this session broken into two parts. This session (Part 1) would be a brainstorming/discussion session to be follwed by Part 2 a strategic planning and roadmapping session. Due to scheduling conflicts amongst the convenors, we would also like to request that both parts of this session be held on Wednesday

Narock, T.; Beaulieu, S.; Hoebelheinrich, N.; Huffer, B.; ESIP and the Semantic Web: Creating a Grand Vision and Road Map (1 of 2); Summer Meeting 2015. ESIP Commons , April 2015