Data management, access, and delivery as a service


Globus ( gives researchers everywhere access to a fast, transfer validated, and powerful data management service that’s easy to use. Simply fire off a transfer request and walk away, or share big datasets directly from your existing storage with just a few clicks — and when you need to make your data available to others, let this data publication service guide you.

This session will present an overview of the data management services provided by Globus, and a variety of Globus service use cases ranging from institutional repositories to individual university researchers.  Time will be provided for open discussion and feedback about future community needs and other potential use cases.  

The following presentations have been confirmed:

  • General overview of Globus services and the ACME data publication service ( -Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Globus at The University of Chicago
  • Integration of Globus Services with the NCAR Research Data Archive (RDA)  ( -Thomas Cram, NCAR Research Data Archive
  • Leveraging Globus Services to support climate model data access through the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF)  ( -Brian Knosp, NASA JPL
  • Globus Genomics Project -Globus provides the data management solution using Amazon's compute cloud ( -Ravi Madduri, Argonne National Laboratory


Cram, T.; Schuster, D.; Data management, access, and delivery as a service; Summer Meeting 2015. ESIP Commons , April 2015