Data Stewardship Committee Reporting Out Session


Please join us to learn and discuss the myriad of activities that committee members have been undertaking since the Winter meeting.


Please use the following link to view the notes in Google Document format:


  1. Data Stewardship Maturity Matrix

    1. Two sets of evaluations have been completed during the first half of the year.

      1. First evaluation is with ACADIS.

      2. The second evaluation is with NCAR Research Data Archive (RDA) and Santa Barbara Coastal (SBC) Long Term Ecological Research (LTER).

      3. The meeting notes and the evaluation result have been posted on ESIP Data Stewardship wiki under the Data Maturity Matrix link (

  2. PCCS

    1. Eos article was accepted; the article is currently awaiting publication at a date TBD.

    2. The D-Lib article (link: doi: 10.1045/july2015-downs) was published officially today (20150715).

    3. Rama provided a presentation regarding the PCCS.

      1. Rama would like to push to enable the PCCS to become an ISO standard.

        1. Before Rama could submit the prepared PCCS draft to ISO, ISO has accepted another document (ISO 19165) that is very similar in goals to the PCCS.

        2. However, ISO 19165 is a framework that provides principles and rules rather than providing the details of content that should be preserved.

        3. Rama recommended the supplementary information from PCCS to be added in order for the revision to be presented in the format of ISO 19165-x.

        4. An updated draft for comments is expected by end of August, 2015.

  3. iSamples

    1. iSamples is a Research Coordination Network from EarthCube.

    2. A session was held on Tuesday, 7/14/2015 as one of the ESIP Summer Meeting sessions.

      1. The session was well attended, and Sarah R. will solicit more actions during the Planning session.

  4. Data Management Training

    1. A group of people who are both members of ESIP and the library community has been formed.

    2. The group has been discussing the promotion and enhancement possibilities for the training modules.

    3. In addition, during a 7/14 session at the ESIP Summer Meeting members from other organizations voiced interest also interested in contributing.

    4. One potential activity might be to establish a clearinghouse for the data management training resources.

      1. Most likely, the clearinghouse would be focused on the training/education purposes.

    5. Additional resources will be needed, but people are in general enthusiastic about the activity.

    6. Funding

      1. EarthCube and/or NSF might be a possibility to support the effort to establish a clearinghouse.

      2. Additional contacts and collaborators would need to be identified.

  5. Publication Guidelines / citation

    1. An effort that allows us to publicize ESIP’s effort with audiences outside of its immediate community.

    2. DOI Implementation at ESDIS

      1. ESDIS DOI workflow was presented by Lalit Wanchoo (NASA - Adnet Systems).

        1. The data providers convey information in advance for the ESDIS to review and help in acquiring the DOIs.

        2. A set of principles has been sent to all the DAACs by ESDIS.

          1. The DOIs should be available and visible on the landing page of the datasets.

          2. Citations of datasets should be available on the landing pages so that users can copy and paste; also automated reformatting citations to various journals’ standards should be available.

        3. ESDIS should be able to know if any duplicates of the datasets exist outside of NASA environment.

          1. Assuming the duplicates are known, the primary copy holder would receive the DOI.  

          2. Cross reference is one of the solutions that is being proposed for resolving multiple DOIs for the same dataset.

          3. Using the elements and relationships provided by DataCite’s schema could be another way to allow people to reference multiple DOIs of the same dataset.

            1. The related DOIs should be viewable from a particular DOI’s metadata.

      2. The Coalition for Publishing Data in the Earth and Space Sciences (COPDESS) will convene a meeting to discuss the placement of DOIs to ensure consistent recognition

        1. Planned for October 20-21, 2015 at Oxford, England.

        2. COPDESS is also looking into providing DOIs for software.

        3. The effort is not yet related to RDA’s dynamic datasets, but COPDESS would like to invite collaborations with additional communities.

  6. Feedback for Student Fellow Projects

    1. PCCS

    2. Data Maturity Matrix

    3. Data Management Training Paper


    4. Attribution and Acknowledgement Framework with Matt Mayernik

      1. Poster:

  7. Other activities:

    1. Is there a referenced list of journal titles for data stewardship?

      1. It would be especially helpful to compile a list as a reference to people who are approaching data management for the first time.
Data Stewardship Committee Reporting Out Session; Summer Meeting 2015. ESIP Commons , April 2015