Framing Attribution and Acknowledgement Content for Scientific Data: Preliminary Matrix and Schema


As an important part of the research and data lifecycle, recognizing contributions to the production, management, and preservation of data can have significant academic and professional impact as well as social and cultural influence.  However, defining and clarifying contributions and the relationships of specific individuals and organizations can be challenging.  As scientific projects become more collaborative, the diversity of skills and expertise involved in producing the resulting datasets is also extending.  In order to provide a method for organizing, documenting, and storing contributions to a scientific project and its related products, an attribution and acknowledgement framework has been created.  The framework is implemented using an XML schema to formalize the details of the roles and responsibilities summarized in an accompanying matrix.


This poster provides the background and motivations for creating the preliminary version of the Attribution and Acknowledgement Content Matrix and Schema.  The poster also demonstrates the process used and the resulting format for the Matrix and the Schema in order to engage the ESIP Community for feedback and to solicit functions to be considered for the next revisions of the Matrix and the Schema.

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