Data Stewardship Committee Planning Session


Participants in the Data Stewardship Committee will discuss the range of work to be completed over the next six (6) months.


Please use the following link to view the notes in Google Document format:


0. How to collaborate with other committees or clusters that could have overlapping interests with the Data Stewardship Committee: :

  • In the past, the separation between different Committee/clusters have been more distinct.

  • It might be important to reduce or combine the number of parallel ESIP meeting sessions that might have similar interests.

    • For the Data Stewardship Committee, perhaps we could have Planning Sessions 1 and 2 in-lieu of formal “reporting” and “breakout” sessions..

  • There are also individuals who submitted sessions  under Data Stewardship collaboration area, but who have not been actively participating in or been part of the committee.

  • Possible solutions:

    • Perhaps institute a process through which the sessions are submitted should be through the chair?

      • It might be an area that the ESIP management should review?

    • An application form instead of being able to submit an actual session via the Commons?

    • Forming of ESIP-wide program committee to review the submissions?

    • Develop a “product brief” for the Data Stewardship Committee?

    • Report Out and Planning might be held over lunch using a private room setup?

  • Action Item: Justin to approach the ESIP management for discussion and take to the Executive Committee (ExCom) if deemed necessary by leadership.

  1. ESIP / Data Stewardship Group Strategic Plan

    1. Action Item: Justin to send out the plan to the group’s listserve to solicit feedback.

  2. GEO Data Management Principles

    1. Two deadlines to meet: September and November.

    2. Action Item: Justin to send out the invitation to provide feedback on the documents.

  3. Future Publication topics

    1. An article regarding experiences with working and curating with physical samples and publish as a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal.

    2. An article for identifiers used other than for dataset.

      1. Ex: software, physical samples, tech reports, models, algorithms.

    3. Action Item: Justin to send an email to Curt to clarify further actions needed.

  4. Metadata standard for citizen science

    1. Relevant questions we can discuss during our September monthly conference call.

    2. Example:

      1. What should agency responsibilities be when fostering citizen science?

      2. What requirements should be placed (after all, it is generally voluntary effort)?

      3. What quality assurance processes should be used?

      4. Which of the collected data be preserved?

      5. What should the processes be to decide what is preserved?

    3. Rama provided a brief presentation on the definitions of citizen science and the interest level from the federal government.

    4. Rama also suggested a list of questions that we might want to explore before starting our participation.

      1. Ruth suggested that it depends on the type of the data that the citizen science is suggested for.

      2. It is also important to understand the perspectives; how can data steward and crowdsourcing help each other?

      3. What is the PPSR’s focus?  What are they trying to achieve?

      4. There are also other projects of similar nature, so perhaps our input would be to help them connect with other people/organizations of same interest.

      5. The definition of citizen science also needs to be understood (is it really science or curation?).

      6. In addition, the details of citizen science is important as well, such as

    5. Action Item: Justin to follow up to confirm the status of citizen science group.

  5. Input for topics/news items/updates for final 2015 telecons (October 19, November 16).

    1. Additional conferences/venues to increase visibility of ESIP to other information professionals/students?

  6. Data Stewardship Maturity Matrix

  7. PCCS

  8. iSamples

  9. Data Management Training

    1. Funding

  10. Publication Guidelines / citation

  11. Other activities
Goldstein, J.; Data Stewardship Committee Planning Session; Summer Meeting 2015. ESIP Commons , April 2015