NASA Earth Science Meets Cloud Computing


The technical session focuses on the researches and applications of Cloud Computing for NASA Earth Science projects.  Presenters are invited to discuss and demonstrate their projects with emphasis on the application of Cloud Computing solutions and technologies.


Current Speakers

  1. Science Data Service Platform - Thomas Huang and Mike Gangl
  2. SMAP Cal/Val Imagery System on GovCloud - Thomas Huang
  3. Large-scale, Multi-Sensor Atmospheric Data Fusion for A-Train and Models - Brian Wilson
  4. High-Resiliency & Large-Scale Cloud Computing for OCO-2 L2 Full Physics Processing - Hook Hua
  5. Assessment of High-performance Data Movement in Hybrid Clouds for handling Big Data - Hook Hua


Huang, T.; Yang, P.; NASA Earth Science Meets Cloud Computing; Summer Meeting 2015. ESIP Commons , April 2015