NCAR Research Data Archive Dataset Appraisal and Selection System Implementation

     The Research Data Archive (RDA) Dataset Appraisal and Selection System is a web-based interface that allows online dataset information submission to the RDA at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).  The current system enables the following main functions:
- Allow the potential dataset depositors to submit dataset information, so the NCAR Computational and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL) Data Support Section (DSS) team members can evaluate and determine if the data are appropriate to be archived in the RDA.
- Inform the potential dataset depositors the terms and conditions under which the dataset will be evaluated, ingested, and managed.
- Provide a shared interface for the dataset depositors and the RDA DSS team members to exchange discussions during both the dataset evaluation and ingest process as well as to collaborate during the ingest process.
- Facilitate and document questions and feedback between dataset providers and the dataset user community in order to build the basis for the dataset's provenance within an open access repository.
     This poster presents the motivations and objectives for creating the system as well as provides an overview of the process that was used to determine the system implementation requirements.  The poster also features the capabilities of the current system and summarizes the functions that are under consideration for the next phase of implementation.  The poster concludes by highlighting the benefits of such a system to any information organization that aims to provide data stewardship for longevity.
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Name: Sophie Hou
Organization(s): UCAR/NCAR

Name: Bob Dattore
Organization(s): NCAR/CISL/DSS

Name: Steve Worley
Organization(s): NCAR/CISL/DSS