CyberConnector: Bridging the Earth Observations and Earth Science Modeling for Supporting Model Validation, Verification, and Inter-comparison


CyberConnector is to be developed and implemented as a system of services for facilitating the automatic preparation and feeding of both historic and near-real time Earth Observation customized data and on-demand derived products into Earth science models. The service system is designed to extensively adopt open geospatial standards/specifications, including the ISO geospatial data and metadata standards and standard-based geospatial web service, workflows, and sensor web technologies are the foundation. It bridges the sensors and earth science models through standard interfaces, such as Web Processing Service, Sensor Planning Service, and Catalogue Service for the Web. The standard interfaces allow the automatic handshaking between components with workflow designers and underlying workflow execution language. The system is to be demonstrated with actual earth science models: The Cloud-Resolving Model (CRM), the Community Multi-scale Air Quality Model (CMAQ), and the Finite Volume Coastal Ocean Model (FVCOM). The final platform are to be deployed and maintained for operational ingestion, discovery, access, and present geospatial models, data, and information.

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