Providing Event-Driven Real-Time Data


Real-time data streams are a natural resource to support event-driven data needs for decision making and response activities.  Often real-time data sources are provided through non-standard streams that are not directly compatible with most common operations such as visualization and analysis tools.  Combining technologies from two projects, Event-Driven Data Delivery (ED3) and Cloud-Hosted Real-time Data Services for the Geosciences (CHORDS) provides solutions for smoothing the integration path for many real-time data streams into needed models, decision systems and other applications.  ED3 provides a framework facilitating immediate data access and processing workflows in response to actively occurring events.  The CHORDS architecture supports the dynamic ingest and conversion of real-time data streams, making them available through community standard data access services, such as OpenGeoSpatial web services.  This poster illustrated the integration of these technologies to support improved availability of valuable real-time data resources to support decision support, situational awareness and response activities.

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