Birds of a Feather


Birds of a feather is free, unscheduled space available if a topic emerges that you'd like to continue a conversation or work collaboratively on a project. If your BoF is open, please add it to the whiteboard schedule at the registration desk.

How Do You See Big Data? When you hear "Big Data" what do you visualize? This hands-on exercise will allow us to better understand the differences between everyone's concepts of big data by utilizing drawing exercises similar to those used by Lynda Barry (Wisconsin Institute for DiscoveryThe Near-sighted Monkey).

By making us think differently about big data, we shall better understand what differences we have within our own ESIP community. Not only will this increase engagement within our own community, this will empower us to better communicate big data science concepts to those outside our immediate research community.

Follow along using #bigdataviz

Bring your own tiara!

Scott, S.; Hills, D.; Birds of a Feather ; Winter Meeting 2016. ESIP Commons , October 2015